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About Us

As the owner-operator of Rio Paisano Sporthorses, Liz Dunn has been producing top quality sport horses and sport ponies since 1978. Liz started life as the youngest daughter of an Air Force colonel. Frequent moves were a given in that life. From the time she was old enough to point, her main focus was the horse. If not at school, she could be found at the closest barn. Her one and only holiday wish was always for a horse of her very own.

At the age of eight, that dream came true for Liz, although it came at a cost. Her mother had become quite ill and Liz was sent to live with her aunt and uncle on their farm in Oklahoma. Upon arrival, Liz's uncle presented her with her very own Black Beauty: a black Thoroughbred named Diamond.

Liz and Diamond shared those magical moments that only a young girl and her horse can share: Liz rode Diamond all over the farm bareback and bridle-less. As only the love of a special horse can, Diamond was able to heal the pain Liz was suffering while separated from her parents. As Fortune would have it, Liz's mother recovered and Liz was re-united with her family. She was never horse-less again.

Liz continued to devote herself to all things "horse." She studied under numerous horseman in several disciplines, eventually teaching and coaching her own students at horse shows. Liz tells her clients, "Not a day goes by that I don't learn a thing or two from these wonderful animals."

Liz has spent the greater part of the last thirty years raising and showing sporthorses: horses that perform in the disciplines of dressage, eventing, show jumpers, and show hunters. The latter being Liz's strongest passion.

Liz feels blessed to be able to share her love of the horse and her years of experience with her clients at Rio Paisano.

Stephanie Martin started riding at the age of seven. On a family vacation to Germany, Stephanie's grandfather offered her riding lessons at a local riding school. This was Stephanie's first experience in an English saddle and jumping fences. She was hooked! Back in the States, Stephanie joined her local Pony Club and at age 16, was presented the opportunity to ride and work with Clark Montgomery and, later, with Mary D'Arcy, both well-known event coaches. Stephanie has been an active competitor for over ten years. Her goal is to train horses to their highest potential and teach others with the same passion. Stephanie is currently competing at Intermediate.

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